The Color Deck is the online workroom where customers can access designer fabrics and trims to build their own custom pillows and drapery panels.

We are NOT a interior décor box store and we are NOT an online middleman that sells custom products contracted out to other workrooms. We make all of our custom products in house in one of our own workrooms here in the US. This allows us to provide you with the best quality custom products available.

Here’s how to use our site:

  1. Choose the product
  2. Find a fabric by:
    • filtering through the popular fabrics we have listed on our site
    • searching one of our fabric manufacturers websites and REQUEST A FABRIC (we will build that custom product for you and email you the pricing and link to purchase within 24-72 hours)
    • submitting a fabric that you already have in mind-REQUEST A FABRIC (we will build that custom product for you and email you the pricing and link to purchase within 24-72 hours)
  3. Add it to your cart and place your order. You can either:
    •  Waive fabric/trim samples and get your custom order into production right away
    • Request fabric/trim samples and have cutting samples of the fabrics mailed to you for approval before we actually process the order on your credit card.
  4. Wait to receive your order delivered right to your door!


We make amazing products and have decades of experience making pillows and drapery panels. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON ANY CUSTOM PRODUCTS. If you want to confirm the color or texture of a fabric, please request a sample when you purchase.

We strive to be an easy and straightforward company to work with. We do require that you place an order before we send out and fabric samples. If you get the fabric samples and the color or texture is not what you want, no problem. Fill out our cutting form and decline the cuttings. We will cancel your order and you will not see any charges on your credit card. If we don’t receive your approval on cuttings from you within 30 days from placing your order, we will automatically cancel your order. Then, simply place a new order.

We reserve the right to restrict the number of fabric/trim cuttings and samples sent out to a customer. We know that occasionally you will get a fabric/trim sample that is just not right for you. If we receive numerous orders with samples request and no orders are ever place, we will restrict the samples sent to you.

How Our Customer Service Works

We are happy to help you with your order and answer any questions you have, but we are not an interior design firm. We don’t select the fabrics for you. We give you the opportunity to choose and make your vision come to life. If you want someone to help you design your items, you will need to go through an interior designer.

You can contact us by email or through one of the forms on our site: