Manufacturing Timeframe

When you place your order, you will have to waive fabric and trim cuttings or request fabric and trim cuttings prior to completing the checkout.

> If you waive the cuttings, your items will go into production and will ship in 10-14 days from placing your order. They will ship USPS priority mail at no charge.

> If you request the cuttings, you will receive those in 10-14 days and then you will need to submit the swatch approval when you are ready. Your items will go into production and will ship an additional 10-14 days from when you submit the swatch approval form.

NOTE: Occasionally a fabric goes out of stock. We will email you within 48 hours if your fabric or swatch is out of stock or on back order. We don’t charge your card until we order the fabric or swatch. If the fabric or trim is out of stock and you don’t want to wait for the back order, we won’t charge your credit card. You can go in and start another order to select a new fabric. We won’t charge your card if we can make exactly what you order. We try to keep out process as straightforward as possible.