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We have hundreds of fabrics on our site, but there are so many more to explore! Here are links to our main fabric and trim suppliers. In a matter of minutes you can filter through all of the fabrics from each of these suppliers to find the color, pattern and texture you want. Once you have found one or more fabrics on suppliers sites that you like, fill out our Request A Fabric Form with the info and product you want and we will email you that product price in 24-48 hours.

Visit this page on Duralee to search all of these collections: Highland Court, Suburban Home, B. Berger, Bailey & Gruffin, Clarke & Clarke, Lulu DK, James Hare

Visit this page on Lee Joffa to search all of these collections: Lee Jofa, Groundworks, Threads, GP & J Baker, Mulberry Home, Baker Lifestyle, Blithfield

Visit this page on Kravet to search all of these collections: Kravet, Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren Home, Lizzo

Amazing custom printed fabrics  based on European documentation. The country and century will be listed on the site as you search the fabrics.



This is the go-to trimming supplier for interior designers.